32nd Kabbalah Angel Vasariah, Prayer Meditation

32nd Kabbalah Angel urges generosity in judgment without losing the lucidity necessary for the application of justice. Angel’s 32nd qualities are benevolence, generous sensitivity, fair justice, understanding, mercy, forgiveness.

The angel gives a straight and modest nature, good memory, seductive expression, success in the Judiciary benevolence on the part of the Judges.

Extéron is a fallen angel contrary to the works of Vasariah. It represents solitude and isolation. It causes isolation, injustice, bad memory, escapes from responsibility, and inspires misleading utopias.

Vasariah 32nd Kabbalah Angel Meditation – Memories

This meditation helps us to recognize similar situations that we have already faced by making mistakes and paying the consequences. but which reappear in different forms that are difficult to connect.

The Angel, therefore, gives aid in the face of the tendency to always repeat the same errors, without learning from the circumstances of life that have already caused us suffering.

Now focus your vision on the Guardian Angel Name, Vasariah without thinking about anything else, breathe letting yourself be deeply permeated by its meaning, pronounce this intention.

– the power of memory rises in my consciousness and awakens the lessons of life deeply rooted in my being. For the energy of this Name my way of remembering improves, negative memories are erased and the memories that make me more aware are enhanced.

Angel 32nd is the Guardian Angel of people born from August 29 to September 2. Other days of the presence of the Vasariah Angel are
April 21st – July 5th – September 18th – November 29th – February 8th. Every day from 10.20 am. to 10.40 am. Earth element
Zodiac position from 6th to 10th of the Virgo.

Vasariah 32nd Angel Prayer

Angel Vasariah I ask you three questions:
grant me prudence and firmness, and do
that harmony reigns in you and around me.

Cover me with the cloak of your wisdom,
so that my resolutions are always,
for everyone, useful and pleasant
like beautiful and fragrant flowers
without thorns.

Because it is so, lovingly,
that I hope to succeed in my work,
in my projects, in the destiny of Life