Veuliah 43rd Kabbalah Angel Meditation

Veuliah 43rd Kabbalah Angel urges to accept difficulties without rebelling and without hiding. To give oneself having full confidence in one’s destiny and talents. To put their successes at the service of everyone’s success. Veuliah 43rd Angel qualities are generosity, enthusiasm, benevolence, sympathy, kindness.

The 43rd Angel gives liberation from adversities and from one’s enemies, the ability to free oneself from any type of slavery – physical, moral, or psychological. He grants talent in martial arts, success in a military career, and dangerous activities. Tachan is the name of the dark angel who hinders the actions of the Angel Veuliah on earth. It represents a concern for the future. It causes the will to sow discord, avarice, failure, internal conflicts.

Veuliah Meditation – Defying gravity

We all have in our mind the potential to free ourselves from the obstacles that we ourselves accumulate with excessive attachment to matter. According to Kabbalah, refusing to behave in a self-centered or self-referential way gives the mind the ability to control the material world. From which all our ills seem to come, transforming it positively and constructively.

Meditation – Now focus the vision on the Name Veuliah, without thinking about anything else breathe letting yourself be deeply and long permeated by its meaning, pronounce this intention. Free the power of the mind over matter, that of the soul over the ego, and that of the spiritual world over the physical world. Without renouncing the physical world, I eliminate his control over me, my autonomy expands, the forces emerge from me to regain possession of my destiny.

Veuliah 43rd Kabbalah Angel Personality

If you recognize yourself in this description, remember that it is in your faculties to shake off all this useless weight. Stop paying attention to the defeatist traps that tend your mind and start relying on your angel. It will help you to seek within yourself, with determination and confidence, the strengths to free yourself. Remembering that the constellation of your angel suffers the severity of the Archangel Camael. But the Angelic Choir of him in the Angelic Hierarchy of the Angels Virtues is led by Raphael. The Archangel can give total and definitive healing, almost the gift of rebirth.

Veuliah Days

The Angelic Guardian Veuliah 43rd Kabbalah Angel protects people born October 24-28. His presence is May 3, July 17, September 29, December 10, February 19. He rules every day from 2.00 pm to 2.20 pm
Element – Water
Zodiacal domicile from 1st to 5th of Scorpio

Through traditional prayer – Psalm 87 Verse 14, it is possible to obtain liberation from adversity, success in the military career, and dangerous activities.