Yehuiah 33rd Kabbalah Angel Meditation Prayer

Yehuiah 33rd Kabbalah Angel urges you to look up, to see that everything is pushed towards the Light. And he encourages not to identify with the dark world but with the creative action of Light. Angel’s 33rd qualities are an orderly and respectful character of discipline, a great sense of duty, loyalty and self-denial, civic conscience.

When he is invoked, the Angel grants all the energy necessary to carry out works oriented to higher purposes and to progress morally and spiritually. He also helps material gain and success through honest intentions. Also aptitude for knowledge of the occult and investigative intuition, ability to recognize friends and traitors.

The Angel of the Abyss that contrasts the actions of the 33rd angel is called Amaniel. It represents the pitfalls posed by bad entities or people. It inspires selfishness and betrayal, causes disorder, mental disconnection, disobedience, riots.

Yehuiah 33rd Kabbalah Angel Meditation – reveal the dark side

According to Kabbalah, the vibration of this name allows us to recognize the forces that create unhappiness in us – which we normally attribute only to external causes – giving us the strength to transform reactivity into proactive energy.

This quote is useful in illustrating this meditation – The most beautiful joke the devil has ever played is to make everyone believe that it does not exist. To signify the blindness into which we fall by remaining attached only to materiality.

Therefore, compare the spiritual Light to the rays of the sun, which against the light allow us to observe the myriads of dust particles that we do not normally perceive. Likewise, the light of this Name helps us to look honestly at the things that tend to be negative in us, and thus also attract unpleasant events into our life.

Now focus your vision on the Name Yehuiah without thinking about anything else breathe, letting yourself be deeply and long permeated by its meaning, pronounce this intention. The light is shining. I recognize the negative forces that are still active in me. My reactive impulses are no longer mysterious, by the power of this Name they become things of the past.

Yehuiah 33rd Kabbalah Angel Horoscope

Love – Understanding, sympathy, fidelity. Immediate superficial, epidermal relationships that over the days will create a deep understanding. Love that takes some time to become solid. For perfect love, men should be the active element and women the thinking element.

Money – Sufficient economic comfort thanks to the services rendered to the king (the traditional text says), that is to our inner king, to the higher part of which we are bearers. In other words, you make money by putting our most elaborate ideas into practice. Income of money also thanks to services rendered to important people. Economic success in selling new products

Healing – Yehuiah offers a protective armor, an invisible shield, against all possible poisoning. Return to physical fitness with walking in the mountains of medium altitude and easy access.

Career – With their business, they will move the world. They will succeed in all sorts of inventions or novelties. Original, innovative projects concerning sport, underwater exploration, caving, electronics.

Esoteric initiation – It is in the action that the Inner Nature will be illuminating, through the higher instance closest to them.

The 33rd Angel is the Guardian Angel of people born from 3 to 7 September. Other days of his presence are 22 and 23 April, 6 July, 19 September, 30 November, 9 February. The Angel is present every day from 10.40 am. to 11.00 am.

Summon Yehuiah – Verse 10 of Psalm 32
Yehuiah Meaning – God of knowledge