Yeialel 58th Kabbalah Angel Meditation Prayer

Yeialel 58th Kabbalah Angel urges not to abandon oneself to stillness and sadness. To overcome the past and to seek the mental clarity that is capable of transcending appearances. To always remain loyal, try to be indulgent and refrain from any temptation to violence.

The qualities developed by Yeialel or Yeyalel are docile and kind character, loyalty, openness and a love of sincerity and truth. Mastery of feelings, defense of just causes, rigor, integrity. The Shadow Angel that contrasts the work of Angel 58, represents stagnation and sadness. It inspires lie, deception, intransigence, harshness of character, violence, revenge, murder, inconstancy. Prayer or meditation protects people born in this period from falling into these risks and defects.

Letting go of meditation with Yeialel 58th Kabbalah Angel

The first thing to do is to realize that unfortunately, it is in our deep nature to cling to pain and suffering. So much so that if you are looking forward to happiness or hope, the first thing that comes to mind is – too good to be true. But it is precisely this type of consciousness that prevents joy from materializing in our life. We cannot achieve a fulfilling tomorrow by holding on to an unhappy and cynical past, and there is nothing else to understand.


The meditation associated with the Name of Yeialel is in fact called – letting go. Focusing your vision on the Hebrew letters of the root of the Name Yeialel, without thinking of anything else, breathe. Letting yourself be permeated deeply and for a long time by its meaning, utter this intention – I let go of everything.

58th Angel of Kabbalah is the guardian angel of people born January 6-10. According to the kabbalistic tradition, other days of his presence are March 6 – May 18 – August 2 – October 14 – December 25. Yeialel 58th Kabbalah Angel rules, every day, as an angel of the mission, from 07.00 pm to 07.20 pm. This is the best time to request his protection with traditional prayer, Psalm 6 verse 4.