Yeiayel Guardian Angel Born July 7 to 11

Yeiayel gives fame understood as recognition of one’s value by others, and also as an invisible light that radiates our inner being. This angel also gives the gift of discernment, that is, of the ability to make wise choices, as well as firmness in decisions made.

Angel Yeiayel dispenses the energies of Venus, granting beauty and a sense of beauty and proportions, therefore it encourages art, goodness, the balance between the impulses of Good and Evil in social relationships. Yeiayel guardian angel among the Thrones Angels is the most human, that is, the most capable of exalting the divine in the person precisely through human characteristics.

It directs them through the five senses so that they can enjoy human experiences while always acting in accordance with divine principles. In the Traditional Text, we read that Yeiayel dominates and grants fortune and fame, industriousness, creativity, and consequent success also in business, finally grants the experience of pleasant and fruitful trips.

Angel energy highlights the concept of complement, the idea of ​​the usefulness of what is complementary, as well as empathy with Creation and loved ones to realize ideals of union and unity. People protected by Yeiayel guardian angel will seek and find support and protection in married life.

Sometimes they will instinctively look for a companion who is a kind of guardian, someone who can protect them from the excesses of their feelings. Similarly, in social or professional life they will rely on institutions capable of protecting their interests.

They will seek harmony in relationships with others, in the births of this angel the tension towards harmony with others will be a kind of constant anxiety. In the same way, instinct will lead them to seek an agreement with their inner self, if this will lead them to discover and attend their divine part, they will be able to achieve real happiness in life.

Yeiayel Angel of Celebrity

Anyone born under this influence has a spirit guided by the principle of change because he knows that nothing is permanent and therefore no moment in life can be wasted. Original and exotic in thinking and acting, he is often considered a magician, a madman. He has philanthropic ideals, is generous, detests human suffering, and will always work for the common good.

You will have to travel to discover the mystery of other countries to uncover dark points. A vehicle with an excellent degree of paranormality will be sought by people who, believing in its strength, will seek comfort in its predictions or presentations. Diplomat with great ability to capture the thoughts of the people he lives with, to improve their lives. He always distributes joy and everyone likes to live by his side.

Yeiayel Prayer – Psalm 121:5 Dominus umbraculum tuum, ad manum dexteram tuam