Yelahiah Guardian Angel October 29 to November 2

Yelahiah manifests in Humans the image of the Divine Lamb, that Lamb who sacrifices himself to preserve us from catastrophes, whose blood in Egypt was used to mark the doors of houses to prevent the Angel of Death from killing the firstborn (Exodus, chapter 12). Under the sign of this lamb is also the event for which Christ has shed his blood to the ground, thus establishing a closer bond between the human and the divine.

This link is re-celebrated by all those under the influence of the Archangels Raphael and Camael, and the solar angels of the Choir of Virtues: with particular reference to Yelahiah. The Cosmic Design (the project of the Creator), internalizes itself on Earth through this Angel and the mentioned Archangels: the death of Christ represents in a certain sense this dynamic of internalization.

Thanks to the influence of Yelahiah, what is above is also manifested below. We as bearers of (a fragment of Heaven) have the mission to transmit it to the Earth. This happens through our ability to consciously acquire in our nature the virtues offered by our angel to spread them in Society.

Yelahiah Guardian Angel in Ancient Texts

The behavior of those born in these days, therefore, will be able to evoke precisely that of the Heavenly Lamb, meaning a generous behavior, which is also expressed in the interference for a good purpose, in matters that would be the responsibility of others. The ability to make a gift of oneself can bring the people protected by Yelahiah to realize providential and highly successful interventions.

According to the Traditional Text, the person can succeed very well in the military career, just by receiving from this Angel suggestion about the best way to fight. In civilized life, these born will be combative, but as regards their struggles, they will always have to ask themselves if they are legitimate, from the cosmic point of view, or if they will not risk generating a Karma to be served in a future existence.

In any case, the person will benefit from always asking his angel for advice. Yelahiah ensures protection from any danger related to weapons and favors those who must face their enemies for a just cause. His help can also be invoked for every legal problem, to make judges benevolent, and to emerge victorious from legal processes.

Yelahiah Angel of War Talent

Whoever is born under this influence will love travel, be educated and all his undertakings will succeed. He will be celebrated for the deeds and glories he has gained from his talent and courage. He will strive to keep the traditions alive and preserve the memories of his beloved things.

A traveler and researcher of historical facts, he will clarify any doubts or coincidences of this life, through recollections of his previous incarnations. It will promote cultural images that offer people, besides natural beauty, also historical contents, to enrich them in their wisdom. Generous at work, he will always give opportunities to all, because he believes that only through work can an ideal be achieved.

You will never let yourself be dominated by discouragement and nothing will stop you from achieving your goals. He will be safe, skilled, and unable to risk his name or reputation in suspicious behavior, letting everything develop spontaneously. He knows how to control his earnings, he is safe and intelligent in his investments, never risking something he does not yet have.

You will always constructively express your love. You will always need to defend your dreams, whether related to family, neighborhood, or cultural values. You will be respected, admired, and able to find solutions to all problems. You will always be creating ways to enhance the intellectual elevation of society. It is the very inspiration of the angelic being.

Yelahiah Prayer – Psalm 118:108 Voluntaria oris mei beneplacita sint, Domine, et iudicia tua doce me