Yerathel 27th Kabbalah Angel Prayer Meditation

Yerathel 27th Kabbalah Angel gives peaceful character and pacifism, endurance, repentance, righteousness, fidelity to one’s destiny, benevolence, happiness.

Ergamen is the name of the angel that contrasts the works of the 27th angel. It represents intolerance, causes intolerance, insolence, slavery, ignorance, intolerance towards the opinions of others, envy, conflicts, injustices, loss of personal freedom.

Yerathel 27th Kabbalah Angel Meditation

Given that there are 2 types of wealth (material and spiritual) according to Kabbalah, the way in which we will be able to obtain them depends on the invisible partner we choose.

If we choose the forces of darkness as a partner, we can also realize 100% of our possibilities for material wealth. But we will be forced to give up 90% of the spiritual light, to be satisfied with that 10% that shines in an ephemeral way with momentary gratifications.

The force of darkness will use the remaining 90% to strengthen itself and fuel destruction in the world and in our lives. But if we choose the Light as our silent partner, we will be left with 100% of the Light but also 90% of the material wealth.

According to the Kabbalistic tradition, to obtain it it is sufficient that each one willingly gives a tenth part of the wealth.

That is, it reinvests at least 10% of its earnings (or of its time) in charitable works, in truly free charity offered to the aid of those who have less. By letting the Light flow freely, this will also have the effect of eliminating the darkness from our life.

Now focus your vision on the Guardian Angel Name, Yeratel, without thinking about anything else, breathe letting yourself be deeply and long permeated by its meaning, pronounce this intention – for the energy of this Name I choose the Light as my silent partner, I surrender something of mine without regret. material well-being, I receive blessings and infinite protection.

If you were born on the days of Yerathel 27th Angel is always listening for you. In particular, its energies unfold on the dates of your birthday and in the other 5 days that are given by Tradition – February 3, April 16, June 30, September 13, November 24.

Angel 27th rules the energies every day, as an angel of the mission, from 8.40 am. to 9.00 am. Yerathel, Guardian Angel Prayer is the 2nd verse of Psalm 139.

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