Yod Yod Lamed Meaning of the 58th Name of God

Yod Yod Lamed is my higher sight to lead me up. Yod is in fact the hieroglyph of attention, of the pointing hand and of the obeying gaze, and people born these days ( 6 to 10 January) are masters in directing and attracting the gaze of others.

They are also endowed with a massive Yod Energy, which absolutely must come out of them in therapeutic form or in the form of theatrical art. In the first case, they will therefore be pushed to ophthalmology, neurology, or psychology, which also allows them to see things better.

In the second case, it will be enough for them to go up on stage to realize that nothing can give them more joy than capturing and enthusing the attention of many.

Or they themselves see beyond what is possible, strong in their double yod, like Bernadette Soubirous, who contemplated the Virgin Mary herself several times. Or the astrophysicist Stephen Hawking, a scholar of the black holes that mark the boundaries of our universe.

Yod Yod Lamed Potential

Then, in the vast repertoire of potential, there are the various professions related to showing, revealing, unmasking. Art critics and gallery owners, lighting technicians, window dressers, advertisers, hairdressers, make-up artists, costume designers, cosmetic surgeons, confessors, illustrators.

Judge-instructors, detectives, wiretapping specialists, or vice versa conjurers, counterfeiters, and all kinds of deceivers have simply decided to use the power of their Archangel to make what does not seem real. And that inevitably collapse as soon as the desire to hide something prevails over the creativity that is needed to make the lies pass as true.

In general, for the avoidance of trouble, these people should be advised to be extremely frank towards others. A constant search for inner clarity, even at the cost of focusing on simplifications that might appear excessive to anyone else.

They will be amazed to see how the most elementary desire to see clearly is enough to solve even the most complicated problems to their advantage. As if all of a sudden powerful friendly forces awoke in them and around them as well.

They notice it early, in general, and these forces thrill them, stimulating their courage and pushing them to hyperactivity that they can manage very well. It is rare for them to run out, even when they let themselves be so taken by some enterprise that they are no longer able to rest.

The only condition for their vigor to continue to increase is extroversion, from contact with others – with as many people as possible – they seem to draw momentum, just like Antaeus from contact with the earth, because they have so much energy in themselves, that if they could not share it with others they would be suffocated, crushed by it.

Yod Yod Lamed Energy

The fate of people who make the mistake of isolating themselves is really heavy. The Yod Energy that they do not use soon turns against them, disrupting them physically or in the mood. They then feel easily defeated by fate, unfortunate, abandoned.

Their soul becomes land for the plundering of Remorse, Resentment, Anger, Regret, which can grow to obsessive. Even the – yod-yod – do not forgive them for leaving them inactive.

Their mind begins to deceive itself and to magnify fears and nightmares with which it shapes an illusory world that becomes more real for the lonely than anything else.

At that point, it is useless to try to break through their anguished shell, they are and always remain the masters of both truth and appearance. And any attempt to dissuade them, to help them see better, can only be amateurish in the face of their boundless natural ability in this field.

The only remedy could consist in helping them to return to the crowd and letting them find the pleasure of communicating, of making others believe instead of only themselves.