Angelic contact is always slight

Angelic contact is always slight, it could manifest itself with a light breeze that touches your cheek, or your hair, tingling sensations on the skin, fragrances, perfumes, or suddenly you feel a sense of peace and serenity, it’s just up to we pay attention to their presence. Give thanks often from the heart. The best time for angelic contact is sunrise or sunset, midday and midnight are also good. Seasonal changes are favorable, thunderstorms, snowfalls, light rains: water is a conductor of subtle energy. The best places are those in contact with nature, but also in a room, in the corner dedicated to them, or in the passageways of the rooms.

Angelic contact best time

The Angels are always close to all of us But they manifest themselves more in the moment of inner meditation, and sacred energetic places. Sometimes it can also happen that, by holding a fairly large shell to the ear while asking our Angel out loud or within us to communicate, we hear a high-pitched and barely perceptible sound, or the distant rumble of thunder, the buzz of a beehive, murmured words (if you hear words and don’t understand them, you need to ask that the message be aligned on the wavelength of your perception.

At the beginning almost always nothing happens, but it takes time and patience: the Angel will make himself felt. How to be sure you are in contact with the Angel There are two ways to check if an Angel has responded to our call: his presence upon us brings a serene and sweet peace, and even if we do not see him his messages are always reassuring: don’t be afraid, don’t worry, everything is going well, you will make it, you just have to have a little patience.

You will never hear an Angel announce bad things. The Angels also often speak to us through thoughts or using unexpected ways: a little bird that suddenly approaches, music that tells you something inside, or a phrase said by another person, which was precisely the answer that you were waiting for.

The Angels Next To Us

An Angel or a Master can hide in the least person flashy, in the most unsuspected. They can choose different messengers to cross our path and bring Their teaching. Don’t be impatient, everyone can teach us something. Listen to what the others have to tell; There are lessons to learn and wonderful stories experienced by people who appear simple, boring, or insignificant