Protective prayer against the evil eye

Protective prayer against the evil eye. In many cultures, the evil eye is considered to be the ability that a person can cause damage to others with a single glance. Such misfortunes can be, for example, illnesses or even death. To face it we can avoid the evil eye with prayer. In this way, we will protect ourselves from the actions of bad people. These negative faculties that some human beings have already known since ancient times, there is also a treatise on the evil eye in which it discussed in detail.

Its origin can be voluntary or involuntary. The voluntary evil eye is that is done intentionally, to cause damage to another person. The involuntary evil eye is produced by the envy accumulated by a person on another person. That is, there are people who accumulate so much envy or resentment towards another person, who without the intention of harming her, directing their poisonous gaze manage to cause negative effects. In both cases, the evil eye can be cured with prayer in which a deep faith is manifested.

The symptoms of the evil eye are usually fatigue, numbness, serious eye infections, dangerous diseases that can even lead to death. It is also the extreme common melancholy that does not allow us to do anything to the person who suffers.

Various remedies have been applied to combat these situations throughout history. These include the use of amulets or the application of various rituals at the hands of healers. However, what has always proved to be the most effective is to fight against the evil eye with a protective prayer to the Virgin Mary or a protective prayer to the Almighty God. The ills recovered after a short time. You only have to recite the prayer once a day for a whole week. The negative influence radiated by the person who looked at us badly will cease to interest you.

Protective prayer to God

In the name of Almighty God, I implore help to end the evil eye that mistreats my body.
Lord of the universe,
that protect us from the sky,
let the evil I carry inside come out
and can return the same person,
Waiting for my family and my job.

I have no grudge against those who caused this damage
and please forgive him
and may he discover your greatness
and I praise you from this moment.

I know you will hear my prayers
and you will get rid of the evil eye.
I thank you with all my heart
and I bless your heavenly power forever.


Protective prayer to Virgin Mary

Oh, Virgin Mary,
holy divinity who dwells in heaven,
Take care of this evil eye that threw me the person who feels great hatred for me.

Blessed and pure lady,
purify my body from all evils,
and let me be the person I was before,
profound believer in the teachings of God our Lord
and faithful follower of your infinite goodness.

Thank you
Merciful Mother,
that you are always aware of all your children
and that for this reason, you will hear my pleas.
May the eternal glory of God always accompany us.


Responding to the evil eye with a Protective prayer allows all those evils that have caused us with a simple glance to disappear.

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  1. Thank you very much. The prayer worked instantly and ly. I will say it every day. God bless you!. Ingrid

  2. Archangel Sachiel’s, Powerful Prayers give Divine Inspiration, to the Body, Mind and Soul, Amen.
    Moreover, the Almighty GOD and VIRGIN Mary’s Prayer Against The Evil Eye is also helpful and Divine, Amen🙏🙏🙏

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