Mebahiah Guardian Angel Born December 22 to 26

Mebahiah dominates morality and inspires exemplary behavior. Mebahiah Guardian Angel stimulates the externalization of the noblest thoughts of the individual that he will have elaborated. This means that the beauty of his thoughts will depend directly on the quality of his inner mental reserves. If his intellect were filled with mediocre or gloomy ambiguous contents, the Angel would hardly reach satisfactory results.

But he who fully entrusts himself will express himself with grace and courtesy, and in the end, will know how to extract from the Divine Thought (infused by the Angel) the most precious part. He possesses the gift of the image, and his speech will be covered by examples that will facilitate the understanding of ideas. He will, therefore, be able to express himself with the word and with the use of symbols.

In other words, people protected by Mebahiah may have ascendancy over their fellow men. and if they put intelligence and thought at the service of truth and important projects, they will achieve complete success from him.

Indeed, the union of Venusian and Mercurial energies makes the energy of this angel bring fecundity (Venus) and eloquence (Mercury), it helps us to be guided by Grace, instills clear ideas, and the ability to regulate desires. It grants the faculty of judging with lucidity and intelligence by accepting new concepts without prejudice.

In the root mem-beth-he of the Name the concept: I shape and produce spiritual forces. Mebahiah confers great energy and self-sacrifice, ideality and tenacity, lively imagination, and acute sensitivity to ethical values. Also, it provides them with a lucid, methodical, courageous, and extroverted mind. It is all that is needed to undertake great and new works, without letting oneself be intimidated either by what already exists or by the resistance that the new encounters in individuals.

Whoever is born under this influence will be distinguished by his improvements, his piety, and his zeal to love God and all men. He will know the way to be followed, always in search of new perspectives. He will understand the divine mysteries, the Christ doctrine, and will spare no effort to plant them in the feelings of men. It will be an active propagator of religious concepts and the preservation of morals.

Always available, she likes to feel useful working for the well-being of the community. Your life will only have charm when you find the right partner, who will follow your journey for life. He feels the need for his existence to continue through his children.

You will understand the events, especially the unexpected ones, always solving them with new and creative ideas. He will have no attachment to material things, which he considers the only consequence of dedication and persistence in work. You will like to take care of the body, especially for muscular development.

Even in the face of his physical bearing, his nature is peaceful. His Angel manifests spontaneously when he defends someone who has been wronged or when heals through the laying on of hands. It produces around him a mystical and enigmatic aura, which leaves him elevated although misunderstood.

Mebahiah Prayer – Psalm 15:5 Dominus pars haereditatis meae, et calicis mei: tu es, qui detines sortem meam