Hahasiah Prayer the glory of the Lord be forever

Hahasiah Prayer, the glory of the Lord be forever, rejoice the Lord in his works. This is the traditional prayer 31st verse of Psalm 103. The fundamental theme of Psalm 103 is a blessing. Blessing means recognizing God as the source of life, joy, salvation, well-being that can accompany man’s life. The psalm begins with a personal experience, Bless the Lord my soul. The conclusion is, bless.

Hahasiah Prayer, therefore, invites us not to forget so many benefits of God. The concrete way to bless the Lord is to remember, not to forget, to tell what God has done for us. This is one of the fundamental commandments of the experience of Israel. Don’t forget, beware of forgetting. It means remembering what you have known and experienced and writing it down, imprint it, and engraving it inside your heart.

Hahasiah Prayer – what are these blessings the Lord has given?

Forgive, heal, save, crown, satiate.
Concreteness of forgiveness.
He acts with justice, it is said of the great works that God has done in the history of Israel are the work of justice because they express God’s faithfulness. By acting in this way God showed Moses his ways and the children of Israel his works.

Slow to anger, it is the expression of a God who intervenes in history with his judgment and condemnation. If there were no wrath from God, even his goodness would have no value. If God did not judge, our poor history would become without balance and justice. God’s wrath is God’s reaction to corruption, that is, to everything that threatens life.

The wrath of God is a strong biblical expression to show God’s stance in the face of what threatens life. If this did not happen, we would find ourselves in front of an apathetic God, who does not care about us, who thinks only of his own business, an impersonal God, as was the Aristotelian one.

Some forces threaten life and one cannot remain indifferent to those realities, otherwise, it is life itself that is endangered. This is God’s wrath, there is a justice that eventually triumphs and imposes itself over the course of human events.

Hahasiah Prayer – makes us consider how God’s wrath lasts for an instant

While his love lasts forever. The wrath of God responds to man’s sin and therefore has the brevity of our sin. God’s love is the expression of his identity. When we are faced with a situation of evil it is also legitimate for us to react, but we are careful to ensure that anger, a healthy reaction, does not become sin.

The Lady disputes, but not forever, for this reason, he does not treat us according to our sins, he does not repay us according to our sins. The goodness of the Lord prevails.

Hahasiah Prayer verse 31 of Psalm 103 is the original prayer dedicated to the angel Hahasiah ever since the names of the 72 Guardian Angels were codified. Over the centuries other prayers have been added to praise Hahasiah, the most popular below.