Hakamiah Guardian Angel Born June 6 to 10

Hakamiah Angel also known as Hekamiah, Haqamiah controls the Uranus – Moon energies, as the Archangels imprint his seal on the images we see around us. When the Love of this Guardian Angel is received by the person and projected on daily images, his influence manifests itself in the individual in the form of power. Hakamiah Meaning – God who builds the Universe.

Depending on the angelic influence, the power that comes from the Guardian Angels can have innumerable shades, the influence of the Angel Hakamiah grants royal power. He is in fact The Angel of Victory and presides – like Archangel Michael – even in the battle.
He also protects the Presidents of State and the Valorous Leaders.

This does not mean that the people protected by this Angel will become such, but that all of them have the potential to develop leadership attitudes or become leaders in their environment.

People under Hakamiah’s divine influence will be strong-willed and respected. If they reach positions of command, nothing will be able to take away from them the crown they will have reached through the intercession of this angel. But it is certainly not an Angel who tolerates abuse or destruction.

He points the heavenly way to the emotional nature, directs the person towards spirituality and refinement of sensitivity. Towards the contemplation of what is divine in meditations, dreams, reveries, for this reason, he also grants symbolic and premonitory dreams.

If they follow the typical impulse of his divine essence, people born in this time will carry the sign of Divine Love and a deep yearning for unity will grow in their spirit. As a related manifestation, their power will grow in all fields, from love to money, prestige, and social life.

Hakamiah Angel of Loyalty

The gift of loyalty will be their first ally, loyalty first of all with themselves, without ever giving in to the temptation to project false images of themselves, a loyal and sincere spirit towards others, without ever indulging in abuses of power.

Reminding us of the profound influence this angel has on the psyche and imagination, his most precious power is to offer the ability to achieve mystical ecstasy. This energy of the angel will manifest itself in the root of the person, in the constituent elements of his human identity, symbolized by the mother, family, childhood, therefore also by the most intimate past of origin.

Whenever he is induced to reflect and recognizes with justice the love that he can give here, or that he receives from here, the emergence of a regenerating love will be stimulated in him, and his freedom of action will flow from it.

Those born under this angelic protection have a natural aura of peace. His sincerity is reflected through the nobility and authority of his personality and prestige. True to his oath, he is frank, loyal, and courageous, sensitive to matters of honor.

He is extremely concerned that his family and his children always have priority, even if the marriage is over. Dear everyone, he will always be respected for the sensitivity he possesses.

You will love every minute of your life with so much tenderness, love, hope and you will wish everyone a life worthy like yours.

You will always like to change everything, from the position of the furniture, the restoration, and painting of your home, to the physical appearance with which you have great care and attention. You will enjoy preserving the images of your loves, as an externalization of the feelings of the past.

Hakamiah Prayer – Psalm 87:2