If you love me don’t cry, St. Augustine’s poem

If you love me don’t cry!
If you knew the immense mystery of the sky where I now live,
if you could see and hear what I see and hear
in these endless horizons,
and in this light that invests and penetrates everything,
you wouldn’t cry if you love me.

Here we are now absorbed by the enchantment of God,
by her expressions of infinite goodness, and by the reflections of his boundless beauty.
The things of the past are so small and fleeting
in comparison. I still have my affection for you:
a tenderness that I have never known.
I am happy to have met you over time,
even if everything was then so fleeting and limited.

Now the love that holds me deeply to you,
is pure joy without sunset.
While I live in the serene and exhilarating expectation of your arrival among us,
you think of me so!
In your battles,
in your moments of despair and loneliness,
think of this wonderful house,
where there is no death, where we will quench our thirst together,
in the most intense transport to the inexhaustible source of love and happiness.
Don’t cry anymore, if you really love me!

Saint Augustine does not ask those who remain on Earth to suffocate the pain but to transform it. He invites us to believe in life after death, to imagine a parallel world shaped by light and love. To try with the eyes of the soul to see this invisible world.

It is the very soul of those who left us to ask us not to cry. To show us the serenity of the place where he landed, to feel its peace, its quiet, its serenity. If it is really love that binds us to our deceased loved one, we must rejoice in his transformation.