Prayer during the spiritual exercises

Prayer during the spiritual exercises, find a comfortable place. To live well a time of friendly relationship with God it is necessary to find an adequate place. It will allow us to experience adequate silence. We will also enjoy sufficient comfort not to get distracted due to various pains due to bad posture.

Invocation to the Holy Spirit

Dialogue with God takes place in the Spirit who dwells within you and who connects the Father with the Son and all his children. This is why it is good to start with an invocation to the Holy Spirit who can open your heart to the depth of this relationship.

In fact, it will lead you to the awareness that prayer does not depend on your strength or ability, but on docility to the Spirit. You can memorize one of the many that have been written or you can make your own.

Read the Gospel passage or text you have decided to meditate on
After the invocation, open the Bible and read the passage relating to the catechesis heard. Do it slowly, enjoying every word. During this first reading, start marking the important passages that catch your attention.

Ask for a particular grace

After a first reading, ask the Lord for a particular grace. It will be a natural consequence of something that hit you. Or it will be linked to some everyday event that is marking your life.

Prayer of abandonment

Tell the Lord that despite what you want, you are willing to let him guide you in prayer so that he makes you understand what he wants.

Meditation time

First, decide how much time you want to dedicate to meditation (25 to 45 minutes) and when the time runs out you will stop. During prayer, reflect on what strikes you, pay attention to the exposed nerves that are touched, and try to understand how this Word speaks to your life. As you pray, write down the thoughts and feelings that emerge in the prayer on a piece of paper.

Thanksgiving prayer

Finish by making a prayer of thanks to the Lord for what he has given you. What happens during this time should never be accepted as something taken for granted, but as a precious gift to be treasured.

Verification of prayer

Write down the most important thoughts that came up during the prayer and the related feelings that you saw rising in your heart. Do it according to the tripartite scheme, by the Holy Spirit, by yourself, and by the enemy of your joy.