Today is a gift, yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery

Today it is a gift, our body is constantly living here and now. If you feel hungry it is today and not in the past or in the future. Our body does not live on feelings of guilt or mental brooding but on constant feedback that is updated every second. If we stumble and hit the knees, the body reacts instantly, providing a very rapid mechanism for repairing the damage.

We should learn from our body how to conduct our existence which often hangs between looking back or running forward. This does not mean that the past does not have its own value and that the future does not have to be imagined or planned. The past is the sum of all the experiences lived, while the future represents the new paths to follow.

Today is a gift we learn from past mistakes

Walking always looking backward prevents us from grasping new horizons and can plunge us into the valley of regrets. Walking forgetting where we put our steps can make us fall into the chasms of illusions and dispersive reveries. If we learn from the mistakes of the past and listen to the voices of the different experiences we have lived we will be able to collect many lessons to be spent in the awareness of the here and now.

If we listen to the part of the deep conscience, where the most intimate aspirations reside, we can begin to design a self-realization project to be implemented with strong desire and determination here and now.

When past and present meet, embrace, exchange emotions, thoughts, and information, and communicate with each other, our psychic apparatus becomes full of energy, vitality, passion, and enthusiasm. It is in this way that we can choose what makes us grow and feel at the center of ourselves and in harmony with life. And the journey continues.