Vehuiah Guardian Angel, Born from 21 to 25 March

Vehuiah Guardian Angel is this the first name of God, the power from which the brightest angel derives. With its ending with this Name contains all the letters (Yod He Vav He) of the sacred Tetragrammaton YHVH, which the Christians made pronounceable in the form Yahvé or Jéhovah.

It is the divine name: since according to the Hebrews it must never be pronounced, it is mentioned in the psalms as Adonaï. From its stem VHV (vav – hey – vav, or waw – he – waw) comes Vehu, which in Christian Kabbalah becomes Vehuiah.

From the root of this Name derives a sort of mantra that repeated incessantly leading to drawing the state of consciousness of the true Self. Veuhiah represents and administers the power of Love and Wisdom, capable of leading man to enlightenment by the Spirit of God.

It can also be said that Vehuiah is the angel of leaders, entrepreneurs, and successful people. He gives charisma and great abilities, he teaches us to dare to undertake, helping to excel in our specialty and to develop influence on things and people.

For the structure of its name, Vehuiah is the angel of dynamism that from interiority also inspires an action conducted with conscience and determination, which can draw on the sacred dimension of changing reality through spiritual action.

Vehuiah Angel is invoked to undertake and execute the most difficult things. It is the force of the Overcoming Enlightened by the divine spirit. Creativity. The goal of this Guardian Angel is to rectify the past from the Seed of Creation and Attract Happiness. Finding the right path to follow in life. Family protection. Creates magnetism and charisma for the Kabbalist in his social life.

The Kabbalist when meditating on this name becomes balanced and knows the healing potential in his hands. Your soul will be enlarged by making you understand the most diverse subjects of the mysteries of Kabbalah. It will perform the most difficult tasks, being easy to learn about the sciences and the arts. It acquires the facility for writing and oratory. His works will be awarded and recognized.

Vehuiah angel of the will

Whoever is born under this influence is extremely curious and always seeking the truth. Inwardly he is balanced and knows the healing potential he has in his hands. His astral plane protects him, making him interested in the most diverse subjects.

It tends to find several loves, but it takes time to turn off an old love. He looks at everything with optimism and for his nobility of character cares about his friends. She loves the family together. He is endowed with a subtle and astute spirit. It will perform the most difficult tasks, being easy to learn about the sciences and the arts.

Inventor and creative is an inspired artist. It is in the matter to be a precursor of a new world. It has a facility for writing and oratory, so there is a penchant for political life. He has good manners and his works will be awarded and recognized.

He likes competitions, always disputing them with generosity, but always beating all the records. Understand that difficult times happen for growth. He loves social life and being possessed of strong magnetism and charisma, he can attend a high society

Vehuiah Prayer – Psalm 3:4Tu autem, Domine, protector meus es, gloria mea, et exaltans caput meum

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  1. I was born march 23, how can I make use of my guiding Angel, in time of need, help in time of deficalt or time of challenges eg: sickness, helps and Spiritual needed and so on

    1. Your Guardian Angel is Vehuiah you can ask for any grace to your Guardian Angel through prayer. The traditional Angel Vehuiah prayer is the 4th verse of Psalm 3. Vehuiah Means – God exalts above all things.

  2. I will love to see the effect of the request. I’ve a calling over 20 year, I’m now ready to start God Hasbeen warning me for the last time. I need my Guiding Angel to guide me spiritual spirit of deliverance and brackthrough with good health and longlife

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