Call angels precious symbol for expectant mothers

Call angels is a beautiful pendant, usually spherical in shape, which is worn by women during pregnancy. The Call angel pendant is worn on a long necklace so that it is placed very close to the baby in the baby bump of the expectant mother. This pendant emits a sound that the baby inside the mother’s womb is able to hear, obtaining a feeling of calm and harmony.

Legend of Call angels

The origins of this amulet date back more than a thousand years ago. This tradition was born and spread all over the world from two very different and distant civilizations, one in Mexico and the other in Indonesia.

In Mayan culture, this pendant was known as the -llamador de angeles -. According to legend, the tinkling of the ball, which is unique to each pendant, has the magical ability to invoke the wearer’s guardian angel.

An ancient Celtic legend tells that when you move your body, the bell rings reminding your guardian angel to take care of you.

According to Indian tradition, however, it is customary for women expecting a child to hang the tinkling sphere around their neck with a long cord so that the sphere rests right at the navel level. In this way, the guardian angel also takes care of the child who is to be born.

Call angels meaning

A pendant used by pregnant women as an amulet to protect their baby. After giving birth, the gentle and familiar tinkling of the bell calms the newborn, helping him to sleep while remembering the sweet warmth and tranquility of the womb.

After the baby is born, the pendant should no longer be worn by the mother, but hung over the crib or sewn into the baby’s blanket so that it can offer calm and protection in the form of an invisible guardian angel.

This magical ball, generally made of silver, has a small xylophone inside that creates a special sound when the ball moves. The call angel can therefore be a special gift for a future mother as the sound of her helps to experience pregnancy in a peaceful way.

Already at the twentieth week, the baby in the womb can feel it. The future mother, carrying it on the belly, makes this sound familiar to the baby who perceives it as calming, before and after birth.

Nowadays it is not only worn by pregnant women, even if the tradition of origin is that. Call angel has in fact become a kind of spiritual jewel, wearable not necessarily for pregnancy but for protection reasons.

In fact, many people believe that the sound of the pendant calls angels does not only call an angel for their child, but that it is also able to call their guardian angel. For believers, in fact, the presence of a guardian angel for each of us is a fact.

For all these reasons, an angel call pendant is a precious gift that you can give to someone, especially for future mothers.