Karma stabilizing force between past, present, and future

Karma is part of us in our existence, and by existence, I don’t mean the life we ​​are living today, but past, present and future. For each action, there is an equal and opposite reaction that serves to restore balance. Every action we take has repercussions on our life that are determined by karma.

Karma is not our destiny, but it is what we do not see with the conscious part, they are emotions, traumas, that we do or suffer that are not fully understood. Put simply, every good or bad deed we do will have inner effects. When we consciously understand the emotion in us and in the other, integrating it into all three aspects, body, mind, soul. One has, the state of consciousness.

So we objectively find an inner balance, we burn karma and the benefits on life are to become conductors of one’s existence, on the soul. The benefit is to be lighter that you no longer need to incarnate. Continuing the path in higher dimensions.

Every evil or loving action that is not understood, what it causes in the counterpart and in us, creates in our life effects of incarnation between victim and executioner. Karma takes shape based on what is held inside, emotions, traumas, everything that is not understood.

Which unconsciously conditions our choices and actions and manifests itself in the attraction of events, changes, people, which will make us relive in a game between the executioner and the victim. Wanting to see the thing from a scientific point of view we say that it is comparable in physics to the law of action and reaction.

Therefore, every decision we make about unconscious emotion deeply marks what surrounds us and heavily influences our way of life. Because we receive a reaction corresponding to the intensity with which our actions influence what is around us. Karma is not positive, but neither is it negative, it is a stabilizing force, which finds its center of gravity in the balance of things.