Evil eye how to defend yourself with Prayer

The Evil Eye is a topic that often arouses heated debates between those who believe in it blindly and those who think it is just superstitions from past centuries. In case you think you are the object of a curse there are countermeasures to be implemented to defend yourself from the effects of the evil eye and misfortunes.

For anyone who believes in the real effectiveness of the evil eye and curses, it is natural to wonder if there is a method to defend oneself from the evil effects caused by the evil eye and misfortunes. Can you defend yourself without resorting to the intervention of an expert? Generally, insiders argue that the intervention is inevitable and necessary.

However, an attitude can be taken that facilitates the expert’s work or at least partially prevents any attacks. Here are several tips to give life to a form of defense and prevention against evil.

The defense against evil comprises three stages

Arrange the mind in an attitude of extreme cleanliness, that is, to remove rancor, jealousy, hatred, envy and gossip, refraining from eating meat and remaining silent.

Increase spiritual strength by forgiving all enemies, doing works of charity, and praying continuously.

Using physical means such as coal which is a powerful isolator of the astral. Coal can be placed under the bed. What is important is to put it in the garbage the following day.

The steel points, such as hooks, knives, needles, or others are powerful insulators with which we can deflect the evil forces unleashed against us. It is therefore sufficient to surround yourself with metal spikes in the places where we sleep and live. It is also very important to collect flowers and plants on the roadsides and take them to where we live.

Another method that can give good results is to incense the photograph of the person twice a day, at the quarter of the crescent moon, surrounding them with perfumes. It is not incensed during the period of the waning quarter moon, except on Sundays, when, however, it is necessary to incense throughout the day.

Then there is the method of exorcism, often considered the best. You take a container, fill it with spring water and throw three handfuls of common salt into the water, saying – I exorcise you, oh creature, go out in the name of the Father, of the Son, and in the name of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

The four points of the house, which correspond to the four cardinal points, are then sprayed with a frond of spikes. In each of these points the following prayer should be recited – Bless Lord, Almighty God, this house so that in it there may always be health, victory, and prosperous fate. So we give thanks to God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. Amen. May this blessing remain on this home and on those who live in it, now and forever. Amen Amen Amen.

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  1. I’m in need of this prayer as my family been living under this evil eyes for such a long time and no one in my family has a luck to prosperity..

    I thank father God for this opportunity to be in the same chat with such blessing and loving people like you

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