Aladiah 10th Angel of Kabbalah Meditation Prayer

Aladiah 10th Angel qualities are kindness, sympathy, mutual help, compassion, dignity, respect. Precisely because this guardian angel grants these gifts, if the person does not indulge his own angelic nature, he may present defects opposite to these qualities.

The angel of the abyss contrasting Aladiah Angel Guardian’s actions on earth represents moral decay. It causes neglect and insensitivity to one’s own needs and those of others. It affects people by causing them to neglect their health, studies, business, loved ones, their deep needs. It causes self-harm, sadism, masochism, lack of love, and self-esteem.

Aladiah 10th Angel Meditation – the look can kill, I soften the look.

Kabbalah attributes to this Name the power to overcome the human tendency to look badly at life and others, thus feeling isolated and without support, and also to neutralize the malevolent gaze of other people. The vibration of the Name Aladiah, therefore, provides a meditative tool to look at oneself and others with a more loving gaze, also nullifying the malevolence of others.


Now focus the vision on the Name Aladiah without thinking about anything else, breathe letting yourself be deeply and long permeated by its meaning, pronounce this intention. By the power of this Name, my ill will and distrust are reduced. A shield of positive energy surrounds me giving me protection against the negative looks, envious looks, and mean intentions of others.

Aladiah 10th Angel is the Guardian Angel of people born from 6 to 10 May. Other days of his presence as Birth Angel is January 18, March 30, June 12, August 27, November 7. He is present every day from 3.00 am to 3.20 am. These days and hours are the optimal time to invoke Aladia Angel Guardian, with verse 22 of Psalm 33.

Aladiah 10th Angel Horoscope

Love – Selflessness, Love for Humanity. They will meet the beloved in the charity environment. Love for a social worker, for a leader of the Red Cross, for a pastor, for a doctor, for a nurse

Money – Enrichment by creating or improving institutions that fight disease. Manufacture or marketing of major surgical equipment, medical research tools. In addition, substantial gains in everything related to the improvement of the conditions of the sick, the injured, the homeless, the prisoners

Aladiah Transmits the powerful life-giving energy of Hochman-Uranus through Knowledge.

Career – Extremely great effort. Effective and highly appreciated action in rescue work for the injured, in difficult moments. Success in medical research or police research, the discovery of hidden criminals or harmful microbes. Successful in eliminating Evil.

Esoteric initiation – They will have privileged relationships with the Superior Intelligence closest to them, and will obtain all the information from it to create a true Paradise on Earth.

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