Hahasiah Guardian Angel, Born from 3 to 7 December

Hahasiah Guardian Angel urges the person to externalize, expressing the values ​​he instills in them as his own – peace, harmony, convivial spirit, benevolent union among all, courtesy, and brotherhood on a universal level. And so here is the desire to carry out uplifting and noble gestures.

The aspiration to behave in a sublime way, capable of procuring admiration. Often the person born these days is a difficult person to overcome, especially in the fundamental principles of life. Love will be placed at the service of the Divine Project in its externalization phase, the subject will feel totally identified with his own mission.

The severe difficulties one may encounter in life, or the aspirations of the superficial personality towards material values, can cause inner conflicts. Thus causing the dominion of the Angel of the Abyss which counteracts the actions of Hahasiah.

However, the rancorous rebellion, which in turn imprisons, may not have followed thanks to the intervention of Hahasiah guardian angel who makes a gift of submission to his higher self.

And therefore of the necessary strength to face, without getting lost, life with all its deceptions and his difficulties. This December Angel imposes respect for true authority so that the biblical expression of the Prayer to the Father – Your Will be done – willfully acquire its meaning.

Hahasiah Angel of the Philosopher’s Stone

Anyone born under this influence will love all sciences and take a special interest in learning about the properties and attributes of animals, plants, and minerals. You will be pure, creative, leading your life in harmony, through the huge protective light that is in your heart.

He will learn the ways using his keen intuition, understanding the divine order in human structures. Magician, a high priest of the esoteric sciences, where he will obtain prestige and authority to teach in courses or conferences. He works to find peace between people.

He knows that when he is going through a difficulty, this is nothing more than a means of accessing the inner and outer divinity. He has simple tastes – a lover of nature, he is always attentive to small details such as romance, painting, music, perfumes. The charm of the poetic side of him flows in a simple way.

A letter or drawing of a simple heart may already be the sublime manifestation of your guardian angel. You will have many revelations, learning your spiritualized readings in an initiatory way. It will be the – Temple of the Mysteries, your conscience, your priest, thus building the realization of God’s truth on Earth.

Hahasiah PrayerPsalm 103 verse 31 – Sit gloria Domini in saeculum; laetetur Dominus in operibus suis