Intuition path of the unconscious in the conscious world

Intuition is the language of the soul guided along the path of the unconscious experience hidden in our brain. For Albert Einstein, the only really important thing was intuition. It is not about magic or spells, but it is the subtle ability that allows us to understand if a person is reliable or not.

Even if the bibliography about the strictly psychological meaning of this term abounds, you will be interested that this is a subject often studied and analyzed scientifically. Howard Gardner, who specializes in theories of the mind, talks about the need to develop a type of intuitive intelligence with which to be more receptive to our inner world.

If there is a reason why you have always been interested in the study of intuition, it is because it is the strategy that drives most of our daily decisions. Taking one path rather than another, not trusting someone, rejecting a job offer, accepting a project … Some people meditate a lot on things, while others, on the contrary, let themselves be carried away by intuition.

No one can guarantee that following intuition we will make the right decision. Nevertheless, an equally important effect will be achieved … acting according to one’s essence, one’s values, one’s own emotions, and evaluations obtained according to one’s previous experiences. We will take a step towards the correct inner balance.

Essential characteristics of intuition

One of the leading experts on the subject is the sociologist and essayist Malcolm Gladwell. Through his many studies, he shows us that many brokers, doctors, psychologists, advertisers, mechanics, and housewives are able to make the right decisions within a few seconds. We are therefore faced with a kind of power that goes beyond ordinary psychic abilities. Intuition is part of what is commonly known as the adaptive unconscious.

Everything learned, felt, internalized, thought out or expressed creates a unique and particular background of wisdom. In our essence, it is a mental capital that we use every day almost without realizing it. The power of intuitive people lies in their ability to know how to use this capital as a channel. A good intuitive will know how to separate all the branches of a forest to find the path in the middle of a crossroads. Because deciding is the art of discarding, intuition is a fundamental tool.