Ignorance is a swamp where evil has its roots

Ignorance is the fundamental pain that generates the spasms of our conscience. It narrows, limits, and impoverishes our vision rather than expanding and illuminating our awareness. Pain depends on an incorrect emotional polarization and an imbalance between opposites. One suffers from partiality not from integrity, from separation, and not from the union.

The inner self pays a very high cost for this, a core of light and knowledge, a prisoner of an obscuring and imperfect body of manifestation. It is always the friction between Soul and Personality, which united in time and space, resist each other, generating pain. And involving the past, present, and future in the effects of their relationship.

In fact, today’s pain can be a consequence of remote events, a healthy medicine to correct old mistakes. But it can also be triggered by current fears and by the fear of the unknown, of what the future may hold for us. And here ignorance plays the role of a role as torturer because if we knew Life better, we would understand that there is nothing to fear. And that the resources necessary to face what is in our history will never fail.

If it is inevitable to dispose of the mistakes of the past, however, we can avoid future pain with an appropriate transformation of our inclinations, avoiding reproducing causes of painful effects again. It means that if we can understand something more about ourselves, we can correct our behaviors and give a new direction to our energies. By choosing to walk the path of health and good.

There are events that are difficult to accept and it seems impossible to connect certain pains to our current behaviors. Yet, if we continue to question ourselves, sooner or later we will find the question capable of showing us the common thread and helping us understand the meaning.

Ignorance is a big illusion that makes us believe we are what we are not. Ignorance falsifies, it deludes us that we belong to the densest regions of creation. It leads us to identify with the forms placed there and for this reason, it generates pain in us.

It is true, however, that we have a necessary form to change ignorance into knowledge. And it is thanks to this that the life that animates us slowly becomes aware of itself and the surrounding environment. Finding Herself after long wanderings in the worlds of Matter.

It takes patience, you have to stay a long time in the classroom of Ignorance. Then we need to continue in the Teaching classroom to learn through many tests that we are part of a whole that we need to become aware of. Thus we understand what the method of relieving pain is.

Finally, in the classroom of Wisdom, we see what role we play in the general whole. And the ignorance that binds us to the wheel of rebirth and prevents us from using the true powers of the Soul is overcome. From the classroom of Wisdom, we come out aware of our divinity.

As we become aware of the deception of false identification, ignorance gradually disappears, stops creating ghosts, and is replaced by knowledge. It is true that suffering is the method of learning and purification on this planet. But only because our consciousness has not grown enough yet, because we are still too ignorant.

If there was more knowledge, the evil of ignorance would lose its strength, and without evil, there would be no pain but only compassion and healing.