Imamiah 52nd Kabbalah Angel Meditation Prayer

Imamiah 52nd Kabbalah Angel urges us to observe ourselves in depth by trying to understand our changes, and therefore the true meaning of the experiences we face and the consequences that determine our lives.

Looking beyond appearances he invites us to become aware of our talents. And with confidence to put them at the service of the world and of others without exceeding in certainties, always careful to remain indulgent and open

The qualities developed by this guardian angel are the propensity to recognize one’s mistakes, know how to correct them, and repair the damage caused. Therefore ability to forgive, to reconcile with opponents, to help others in difficulties. Rigor, industriousness, faith, and sense of service, patience, courage, humility, simplicity.

Through the Invocation, it is possible to obtain from angel 52nd release of prisoners, useful and enjoyable journeys. Also, protection from hostile people, provided they are sincerely repentant for mistakes that led to hostility. Bacaron is the fallen angel who contrasts the works of Imamaiah. It represents the sterile desire for revenge.

Imamiah 52nd Kabbalah Angel Meditation

According to kabbalah, the vibrations of this angelic name ignite the ardor. To truly access the power of prayer, we first need a fire that, burning in the heart, feeds the fire of the soul. The letters of the hieroglyph of this Name (ayin-mem-mem) give the power to connect spiritually in a sincere way and according to the right conscience, knowing how to look beyond appearances that limit the horizon.

Now focus your vision on the Name Imamiah, without thinking about anything else, breathe, allowing you to permeate deeply and for a long time from its meaning, pronounce this intention – for the energy of this Name, the flames of passion are fueled in my heart and soul. The power of this name gives me the strength of sincerity, devotion, and correct conscience in my prayers, meditations, and spiritual connections.

The Angel 52nd of the kabbalah is the guardian angel of people born between December 8-12. Other days of the angel’s presence are February 28 – May 12 – July 26 – October 8 – December 19. He governs the energies every day from 05.00 pm to 05.20 pm. This is the best time for everyone to invoke his protection. The Guardian Angel Prayer of Imamiah is the 17th verse of Psalm 7

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