Angel Raziel reveals the divine mysteries

Angel Raziel reveals to those who are prepared, the divine mysteries, the mysterious knowledge, and the divine wisdom. In the inner human universe, it induces the ineffable, ecstatic and terrible state of the divine illuminator mystery.

In the tradition of the Kabbalah, it is said that this archangel has the mission to reveal some essential divine mysteries of the universe and is sent to reveal to the primordial man, Adam, some initiatory mysteries.

He allows having access beyond the veil of illusion to those who are sufficiently pure and spiritually elevated. In this way they can have access to divine life, penetrating the pure sacredness of God.

There is a legend that shows that Raziel Archangel gave Adam a mysterious book that contained the mysteries of the universe. Immediately after reading the first part of this book, Adam was moved and was so astonished that he collapsed to the ground.

For this reason, God then made sure that this book was written so that Adam himself could read it. This book contained precise and efficient methods, unknown even to the angels, which made it possible to invoke the most important divine entities close to God.

Through these 72 divine entities, the initiated human being, using this knowledge wisely, can perform miracles, and with the help of divine grace, attain different degrees of divine omnipotence. This book reveals the whole history, past, present, and future of humanity.

Adam transmitted this book to his descendants until it reached the hands of Enoch, famous for his esoteric knowledge, then Noah, another great initiate who knew the mystery of angelic hierarchies, the mysteries of life, the cycles of time, the mysteries of prophetic dreams, exorcism, the alchemy of the lower aspects, the awakening of virtues and divine wisdom.

The meaning of this allegory reveals to us that the Angel Raziel is the archangel who offers the primordial spiritual tradition, the divine mysteries, and has a mission connected to the protection of authentic traditions and spiritual groups, especially in our age of spiritual decadence. He accompanies us in Divine Grace and can help us understand intuitively some esoteric and metaphysical aspects.

Angel Raziel is the infallible protector of all human beings

Who sincerely and ardently aspire to reach the direct and profound knowledge of the divine mysteries. The ineffable and moving state of the divine mystery which manifests itself at the opportune moment is a direct and efficient way to enter and maintain a sublime state of identifying communion with the Archangel of occult knowledge and then leads the human being to the revelation of the mysteries divine.

Angel Raziel is also called the conservative of the terrible secrets of God and the preserver of a state of perfect original purity, making ascension possible, especially during the states of consciousness in dreams, to pure, archetypal ideas, the source of all divine truths.

Being close to God, he knows very well many secrets of the universe and is in charge of revealing them to human beings prepared for their knowledge. When a pure and aspiration-filled human being manages to get hold of the secret book, Raziel guides him to be able to decipher the terrible mysteries presented.

Now, the mysterious Book of Raziel is a resource of esoteric knowledge, which is kept secret and is revealed to a few pure people who have alive the wisdom of the heart that allows access to this fundamental knowledge.

When Adam and Eve were driven out of Eden, it is said that Raziel, in his immense compassion, offered them this book to discover the divine laws, the terrible secrets of the divine manifestation, and how they could attract Divine Grace. The knowledge of Raziel has as its source the divine will. He is situated on the border of the enigmatic veil through which God is separated from his Creation