Asaliah Guardian Angel, Born from 13 to 17 November

Asaliah Guardian Angel directs the human will to externalize Divine Thought. Asaliah Angel illuminates the means of social communication so that the person has the possibility to pronounce himself, without declaiming or harangue, to exhibit his own merits or externalize his opinions with due incisiveness.

The person will be very communicative and extrovert by himself, ready to transmit his own messages. A sort of open door, through which men and women can see the Heavenly Way.

These born have the duty to proclaim the Celestial Order, to announce its existence and the need to institute it, it is their task to seek the most effective elements to make this proclamation be heard and heard, that if it were announced to few it would have no answer.

We also specifically address Asaliah Guardian Angel to thank God for the graces and blessings received. Whenever a request of ours, made by one of the other angels, is accepted and answered, it is appropriate to ask him to raise our thanks and gratitude to God.

Asaliah Angel of Contemplation

Whoever is born under this influence will be a builder of the angelic planes. Sweet and tender, he will have a pleasant character and will be able to stand out due to his enormous charisma. Right par excellence, incorruptible, and of high faith, the truth will be a constant in their attitudes.

Dynamic, you live your day in a spectacular way, taking advantage of every second to the immediate realization of each idea that comes. It will go beyond your own strength without dissipating energy. Elegant and firm, your hands will always be ready to act immediately, with dexterity and self-control.

He will be subject to sacrifices because he will strongly pursue his ideals, even when circumstances seem unfavorable. Virtuous, sensitive, and obstinate, his aura of wisdom will be verified in the frontal region, with a sign in the intercílios.

They do not like the confusions, especially those of sentimental order. Its good taste can be noticed from the well-furnished house, with comfort, until its clothes are of good quality. Proud, without being a snob, he sincerely accepts the doctrines of other people. It will always be transforming form but preserving the essence of God.

Asaliah Prayer – Psalm 104:24