Seheiah 28th Kabbalah Angel Prayer Meditation

Seheiah 28th Kabbalah Angel qualities are health, longevity, excellent physical shape, protection from injuries. Angel 28th protects against fires, falls, ruins, diseases. He inspires prudence and at the same time grants success to what is innovative, personal, daring, original. He offers his contribution to businesses and experiments, to records.

He also supports everything that concerns the universe of childhood. Kirik is the name of the angel of the abyss who counteracts Seheiah’s actions. It represents fire, cause destruction, unfortunate events, and accidents. It causes Humans to act recklessly, causing harm to themselves, others, and the environment around them.

Seheiah 28th Kabbalah Angel Meditation

According to Kabbalah, this Name provides the most effective meditative tool for those who, despite being surrounded by many people, cannot perceive closeness and warmth from others.

And therefore he feels alone in the world, meditation is aimed at being able to recognize who is our friend, to connect us to the souls similar to us, to find our soul mate.

Now focus your vision on the meaning of Seheiah, Guardian Angel Name without thinking of anything else, breathe, letting yourself be deeply and long permeated by its meaning, pronounce this intention.

This Name awakens in my being the energy of the soulmate. Now I attract the other half of my soul. All my current relationships are deeply imbued and enriched with the energy of soul affinities.

Seheiah Angel 28th urges you to trust in him to come out of any catastrophe unscathed. To face difficulties with confidence, surviving the most serious ones without bitterness. When your Karma is exhausted you will be heard and recognized. Your value will be respected and it will be your job to put it at the service of others. Then the second part of your life will be very happy.

Seheiah 28th kabbalah Angel is the Guardian Angel of people born from 7 to 12 August. Other days of the 28th Angel’s presence are
February 4 – April 17 – July 1 – September 14 – November 25. Every day from 9.00 am. to 9.20 am. Seheiah – Guardian Angel Prayer is the 12th verse of Psalm 70.