Bless those who have hurt you and forgive

Bless those who have hurt you, in order to bless someone, it is necessary to have a sincere soul. Your blessing has a very strong energy impact on the recipient. Whenever you sincerely wish someone well, your soul expands, and a golden light flows from you to the other person. This golden light is very powerful, it covers and dissolves everything inside the other person and frees them.

When you sincerely and generously bless someone who has hurt you, something extraordinary happens. The golden light dissolves your pain and at the same time unties the knots in the other person’s heart.

Bless and forgive those who have hurt you

Blessing is one of the greatest gifts you can give and receive. In order for the blessing to really work, you must first of all have the intention to forgive. Afterward, ask the archangel Chamuel and the archangel Gabriel to make your blessings totally sincere.

If someone harms you financially, wish them prosperity, imagine a flow of money going towards them and bless them. Archangel Michael will ensure that the money you have lost will be returned to you and multiplied.

If someone damages your property, your job, your reputation, try to understand the root cause within them. Afterward, bless him with love, self-esteem, abundance, or whatever else you think can give him soul happiness.

Then visualize him as he gets what he needs. Do everything with passion and keep visualizing until you feel that he has accepted your blessings. You too will benefit from all of this, you will feel better and your light will be brighter.

When you are ready to bless someone who has hurt you or your loved ones, you have managed to overcome the reasons of the ego. He who has hurt you will feel your mercy and his soul will be illuminated by unconditional love. A jet of love will reach his heart, while you will feel a great sense of peace.

The blessing allows you to transmit love and grace to the world. So bless your enemies, the sick, the poor, the animals, the plants, the leaders of the world and remember that blessing is the way to peace on Earth.

Prayer for those who have hurt us

Wash my enemies, oh Lord Jesus, in Your Most Precious Blood and continually send on them Your Holy Blessing and the blessing of Mary Immaculate united with those of all the angels and all the Saints. I too join in these blessings and bless me and them in the Name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.