4th Kabbalah Angel Elemiah, Meditation Prayer

Elemiah 4th Kabbalah Angel urges us to seek the balance capable of putting our skills at the service of the true needs of our soul, and therefore of the world. Because we and the world are the same things… one organism. The qualities developed by this guardian angel are enthusiasm, combativeness, mastery of one’s destiny. Samane is the Angel of the Abyss that contrasts Elemiah Angel’s works.

It represents failures in the profession and in the bad performance of journeys that end badly. Samane dominates bad education and causes systematic destruction of anything that doesn’t work well outrage. It inspires all sorts of discoveries that are potentially harmful to humanity, also creating obstacles to any positive business.

Elemiah 4th Kabbalah Angel Meditation

According to Kabbalah, thoughts do not spring from the physical part of the brain at all. There are 2 sources from which thoughts arise, like two great cosmic stations. The forces of Light and Darkness respectively and from here are picked up by our mind, which transmits them like a radio.

The vibration of Elemiah Angel Name allows us to move our connection from the dark force of the ego. which also feeds all our anxieties and fears to the power of Light. which instills confidence and the ability to discern.

On what are the directions that we must take for true fulfillment, which is not only apparent and material. Reversing the polarity of these thoughts takes us away from indifference and at the same time silences useless anxieties by sheltering us from fear.

Now concentrating your vision on the Name Elemiah Angel, without thinking about anything else, breathe, allowing you to permeate deeply and for a long time from its meaning, pronounce this intention: by the power of this Name, I am extinguishing the destructive thoughts that come from the Ego. A passage is created from which flows a sweet splendor of spiritual Light that fills my heart and mind.

Elemiah 4th Kabbalah Angel Horoscope

Love – The angel can be invoked to grant conjugal fidelity, especially that of men. We can ask that our thirst for love be paid above all for the most authoritative people in the family. He grants domestic happiness, especially if you set your emotional life on a household with the presence of young and old.

Money – the Angel stimulates the ability to have economic success in companies that deal with new sources of energy. Of science applied to daily life, research and development aimed at promoting a more equitable distribution of wealth. Communication sectors capable of covering large distances are favored.

Career – Angel 4 grants success in professions and commitments that are linked to the past, or that are carried out in the search for what is hidden, or that happens by sea. He has no easy way to facilitate our work, his help will not be immediately visible, but he will work with constant ability to revive our lives.

Health – This guardian angel protects against all torments: physical, sentimental, and moral. It is invoked in case we have the soul exacerbated by some remorse, we were prey to sorrow, jealousy or despair, we had in our pain an impediment to live with serenity. It also protects from all accidents, road, air, and above all preserves from accidents that occur in the sea or because of the sea.

Elemiah 4th Kabbalah Angel is the guardian angel of people born from April 5th to 9th. His days of regency are also January 12 – March 24 – June 6 – August 20 – November 1. He governs the energies every day from 1.00 to 1.20. It therefore also assists people born in these days and at this time, at any date of birth, and this is the best time when everyone can invoke him.