Umabel Guardian Angel, Born January 21 to 25

Umabel Guardian Angel gives the person a particularly sensitive and empathic soul, therefore able to tune in with others by offering friendship. The person born under his influence will get absolute clarity of conscience about how to act in the most functional way to the situation one is going through.

The energy bestowed by Umabel Guardian Angel makes one feel passionately loved by those who radiate it, they are generous and intuitive people capable of disinterested and very effective interventions.

But it will be precious and discontinuous interventions, it is up to us to know how to get the best from these people without expecting anything. People will act generously, but the gold they give without any calculation will always be returned thanks to Umabel Guardian Angel.

Umabel Angel bestows energy that stimulates the individual’s moral personality by creating around him a sort of armor, of the skeleton, capable of accommodating the divine design being developed. In this way, we will have the theoretical moralist, the one who preaches what he has never experienced on his own.

In exceptional cases, it is possible however that the preacher is the bearer of a wealth of Divine Drawings, acquired during numerous previous incarnations. In the above case, Umabel will circulate and exteriorize his memory, his speech will correspond to lived realities, and his actions will agree with his words.

Umabel Angel of Friendship

Whoever is born under this Angelic influence will love travel and honest pleasures. It will be very loving and sensitive. He is aware of the correct way of acting and his intelligence is at the service of the angelic power. Introverted and affectionate, it does not adapt to sudden changes.

Traditionalist, he remains faithful and attached to the values ​​transmitted and taught by his parents. Gifted with a lot of intuition, he is open to things that are around him, though he does not get involved. To feel good in a social or work position, you need to believe as if it were a religion; needs ideological support.

He does not like aggressive or indecisive people. The patient to the extreme can support everything by the loved one or some familiar. When he does not receive affection, he prefers isolation. His life force is manifested in fatherhood or motherhood. Stable, it seeks to establish in people a filial image.

It will be appreciated for its balance, sweetness, kindness, and affection. It is not interested in changing the situation of a social group or class, investing all its energies in people closer or in a specific case. Organize your life according to your conscience, manifested freely through good deeds and fellowship.

Umabel Prayer – Psalm 113:2 Sit Nomen Domini Benedictum, ex hoc nunc et usque in saeculum

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  1. It’s really marvelous to know my guardian angel by birthmonth and I think my problems are now solved forever and ever.Amen.

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