Yeialel Guardian Angel Born January 6 to 10

Yeialel name means God who fulfills, his essence Intellectual Strength. The function of the mind is to connect the soul to material reality. But often the mind becomes something autonomous, which quickly burns absurd, useless, and even bad thoughts, which have nothing to do with the soul.

Intellectual strength is what breaks the dominion of the mind, allowing all the components of man – mind, heart, soul – to work in harmony, orienting themselves towards the good.

This Guardian Angel rules the energies of Mercury (for his membership in the Archangel Choir, and the energies of Saturn for his personality, or position in the Cosmos. The help He provides is the result of very precise and accurate work. The truth that he shows us is scientific and the Angel excludes everything that strays from this principle.

People will be successful in the sciences and professions where the intellect can proceed slowly, with patience. According to Tradition, Yeialel grants a penetrating and incisive intelligence like a knife. The person will clearly understand the facts, the Truth, and defend it without uncertainty.

Angel Exhortation

To ascend to the World of Angels you will need your Work to be motivated by clear and positive ideas that transcend material reality. Intelligence must always be present in your way of life and your actions must always be simple and correct towards the multitude.

You will have clear and stable ideas for this, the angel will ensure your success. Through this guardian angel, practical intelligence will reach its apex, its highest point. The person concerned will be able to give a solid structure to his or her existence. The externalizing tendency will be highlighted in particular, and the subject will be the manager called to develop a promotion or sales plan.

It will be up to him to focus on the most suitable way to profit from a given situation. Yeialel promotes the emergence of new theories concerning construction, the utilitarian habitat, and the practical sense of the subject will be fully expressed through the construction process. The future will always surpass the present and wherever it is found to act, the person will be able to create the conviviality of tomorrow.

Yeialel Angel of intellectual strength

People born these days will succeed in the sciences and professions in which the intellect proceeds slowly, with patience. They will have clear and stable ideas, on which the success granted by the angel will be based. The externalizing tendency will be placed in particular evidence and it will be typical faculty of those protected by Yeialel to know how to focus on the most suitable way to profit from a given situation.

When Yeialel is invoked consoles the soul saddened by the tribulations of life but also heal illnesses. It, therefore, grants health and healing (especially for the eyes), success in greatly reciprocated love. He also dominates iron and all the professions related to metallurgy in general, protecting smiths from steelworkers to the manufacturers and traders of any metal object.

Regarding health, even according to the medieval text Enchiridion of Pope Leo III, his help is particularly effective in the case of eye diseases: but the protection of sight must be understood in all senses, material and even moral.

Yeialel Prayer – Psalm 6:4 Et anima mea turbata est valde, sed tu, Domine, usque quo…?