Yud Yud Yud 22nd Name of God Meaning

Yud Yud Yud is one of the supreme rabbinic formulas that indicated the indescribability of God. The letter Yod in fact means both – manifesting – and – seeing. And the Highest is the One who manifests himself beyond all that has already manifested, enveloping every horizon that our inner sight can hope to grasp.

Yud Yud Yud I see the way others look, and I look beyond

So in the 22nd Name of God Yud Yud Yud lies the concept – I see the way others look, and I look beyond. People born under the influence of this Name receive a divine spark of this excess from birth and have the task of using it and making it fruitful in the human world.

When they sense this, they realize that life offers them opportunities in abundance. Ways and energies to creating masterpieces of various kinds, in all fields that involve arousing, attracting, directing, and educating attention. The limits they must learn to overcome are only two, the temptation of the mirror and vertigo.

In mirrors, in excess of self-analysis, in narcissism, they can remain stuck for a long time, hypnotized by their image. It is from the inexhaustible wealth of details that their eyes are able to grasp. In seeing they are in fact authentic geniuses – discover, interpret, trace from an expression of the face to the innermost secrets of the personality and soul.

All this gives them incomparable pleasure, and nothing can be sweeter for them than enjoying this pleasure for themselves alone, letting themselves be carried away by the soft vortex that forms when their three yud look at themselves. A mirror can then become a whole world.

The other limitation of these people is vertigo, that is, the dismay by which they allow themselves to be taken. When turning away from the mirror, they allow their powerful gaze to explore the world around them, and to see the seeing of others. The pleasure they feel is even stronger, the taste for discovery is even overwhelming.

In a very short time, they know how to identify the boundaries of the image that others have of the real and the possible, and overcome them, venture towards the new, and feel panic. Very many falter, abandon, flee, perhaps shipwreck, as if fearing that if they dared to continue they would dissolve. It is their way of perceiving the terror of success.

The 22nd Name of God corresponds to Yeiaiel 22nd Guardian Angel of people Born July 7 to 11.