Yud Resh Ayin 46th Name of God Meaning

Yud Resh Ayin contains the concept – between appearances, as through a fog, I lead to the truth. While it is true that everyone likes to feel a little special, nobody likes to be really different. Each person would have a lot to tell about it if the fear of his wonderful talents had not pushed him from childhood to keep them hidden even from himself.

In reality, these people are all by their nature, seers. They do not know how to explain why many times a day such bright insights into the most diverse subjects blossom in their minds. It is enough for them to be interested in something or someone. And here they already have the distinct feeling of knowing a lot, of knowing above all what that someone is hiding.

Try asking them for advice on any topic. Flashes of revelation will flash in their responses, and they will be as amazed as you are. That amazement is the confirmation of their talent. The ancient prophets knew well that to develop these strange talents one must educate oneself not to want to understand, to only marvel.

But those were times when the prophecy was a recognized and often respected profession, and it could be learned from some good teacher. While today these excessive faculties risk being only uncomfortable. Both because they are disturbing, and also because of the excess of psychic energy that accompanies them and which ends up becoming a hindrance.

Yud Resh Ayin Enlightened minds

Everyone knows that specialization is essential in our age. But the effervescent minds of the people under the dominion of the name Yud Resh Ayin cannot bear limitations to their field of action. Their mind in certain sectors is perpetually crossed by streams of illuminations, ten professions would not be enough, to be able to show what the person is capable of.

Similar complications occur in their love life. It is extremely rare to find a companion or friends whose secrets you do not already know in a short time. Or that they manage to keep up with the continuous multiplication of his interests. Most of these people believe that this is all too anomalous. And dismayed, worried, and frightened even by their particular genius, they try hard to escape from themselves for a long time.

There are some jobs that really require constant movement and perennial distraction – drivers, truckers, railway workers, representatives, interpreters. Others just turn off, like we would turn off a radio. They force themselves to appear normal and therefore choose modest roles of factotum – secretaries, assistants, property finders – in which at least part of their skills can be expressed without attracting too much attention.

And of course, it is a sad fate, not only because in the depths of their hearts there is always the feeling of having made a mistake. But because destiny has the habit of raging against those who reject their own exceptionality, and bombard them with frustrations. A result is usually a depressive form in which they find themselves imprisoned.

As for the profession, it should be noted that in reality the prophet or the shaman are occupations unsuitable for the present times. If you want to play them like a few thousand years ago, cloaking them with the same exclusive dignity they had then.

But a prophet or shaman who has faith in his talents can make excellent contributions wherever innovative ideas are needed. Brilliant solutions or psychological penetration, and the professions that rely on these talents are numerous. It is enough for them to stop being afraid of themselves, and decide they deserve joy and rewards.

Yud Resh Ayin 46th Name of God corresponds to Ariel Guardian Angel of people born from 8 to 12 November