Ariel Guardian Angel, born 8 to 12 November

Ariel Guardian Angel grants a subtle feeling able to guess beyond appearances, what really happens, or what has already happened. He is invoked according to Tradition, to see the future in advance, discover hidden treasures and reveal the secrets of nature – with particular reference to the mechanisms of life and its reproduction. Ariel meaning – God revealing.

To help us realize our dreams, he can in fact open the doors of secret truths to us, but he can also make us find hidden treasures on the material plane. In fact, Ariel illuminates the channel through which we receive material rewards and moves things to a great extent in the sphere of vitality and love.

Profiting from his influence the person will be able to invest money in the spread of spirituality. Furthermore, the people protected by this Angel are granted the innate gift of a remarkable manual skill, which can be expressed in the art of jewelry or the cutting of precious stones.

People born in these days will have a marked tendency to exalt this world. But also the ability to organize it according to cosmic laws. In this case, they will have the financial means to improve the order of things.

Ariel has in fact the task of making us aware of the many beauties of the physical world. On this level, even gold and wealth, if used for a good purpose, are a sort of condensed light, which allows construction projects to be implemented more quickly.

The prayers addressed to this Angel, therefore, focus mainly on requests for material goods. That will allow them to act more effectively and easily in the physical world. Through his action, those born in these days will also be able to make very important discoveries of a spiritual or scientific nature, such as to change their lives by giving them new possibilities.

Ariel Angel of Discovery and Perception

Whoever is born under this influence will have brilliant ideas, sublime thoughts, strong and subtle spirit. He will be discreet, acting with prudence and managing to solve the most difficult problems, making decisions at the right time. He will like to meditate and know all the ways to understand the secrets of mystical and occult subjects.

He will make discoveries that will benefit the purification of the spirit, always working in the service of spirituality, in favor of his fellow men. He will use technological means such as information technology, radiesthesia devices, train communication techniques, and aura-miter, to feel the frequency or permanence of the enchanted.

The entire angelic world will be at his disposal, thanks to his work on Earth. It will occupy a prominent place in society. Its motto is – talking that we understand each other – does not allow people to resort to irrationality or instinct. By getting involved with the problems of people who seek him out, he wisely finds the right path.

It is never lacking in respect for more experienced or older people. Every aspect of your life is predisposed to triumph. His reasoning makes him astrally carry a golden crown which signifies the possession of intellectual light. It will represent power, conquest, and proof that man’s harmony with God is essential for living well.

Ariel Prayer – Psalm 144:9 –  Suavis Dominus universis, et miserationes eius super omnia opera eius.